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The Retro-Inspired Nintendo NX:  Return of Cartridges

Nintendo is Going Retro: The developmental console of Nintendo Co., Nintendo NX, will use cartridges over discs just as its latest console, the Nintendo 3ds does. The old-school inspiration of the console which is the Nintendo 64 and Super Nintendo featured big cartridges and this served as the potential direction of what the game cartridges would look like, although smaller in size unlike the past outdated consoles.

The Nintendo NX may benefit from cartridges because the company is setting up a goal of potentially gathering a wider range of consumers compared to its competitors. According to various reports, the chip-based cartridges are again being too hyped, although that is due to a stiffening competition amongst semiconductor creators like Samsung Electronic Co. and Toshiba Corp.  


 Potential Mishaps

With the cartridge system playing on the new console, critics speculate the quality of memory that the console can store. It may also affect the game quality as a the other 8th gen consoles can store up to 50GB and possibly, Nintendo NX may not support larger size games. 

Nintendo did point out that it would feature Classic Games for the console which can add up to the possibility of the overall quality of a cartridge based game. The reason for this move is to bring in casual gamers rather than the usual hardcore ones.

On the brighter side, these cartridges are not going to be much put to a risk of damaging for a single cartridge can be as durable as the old ones before. It will also be tricky to pirate and handy for a physical distribution of a game.

The handheld device will not only be a standalone console, it will also be portable and Nintendo assures that cartridges would not affect the portability of the console. The Nintendo NX will also have a detachable controller that can be attached to the screen of choice.
Nintendo seems to join the likes of Apple and Sony as for this month; these big names will unveil new consoles this month as announced. Apple will disclose details about the new Iphone model and with Sony’s PS4 Neo doing the same thing.

As for the reveal of the game console, reports show that the possibility of the announcement can come around this month. Japan Game Show will be held on the 17th of the month and the console might be unveiled on the said game conference. 

Excited? These are likely to boost its sales and stocks as the hyped console seem to have a general audience rather than the hardcore gaming community.

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