Apple’s App Store sales jumped 40% in 2016

Apple has announced on Thursday their App Store’s 2016 record-breaking sales, reaching over $20 billion throughout the year, with a 40% climb from the 2015 sales. Apple has opened 2017 with app store sales reaching $240 million in purchases, making New Year’s Day the highest single day ever for the App Store.

“2016 was a record-shattering year for the App Store, generating $20 billion for developers, and 2017 is off to a great start with January 1 as the single biggest day ever on the App Store,” said Philip Schiller, senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing of Apple.

Holiday sales alone broke all-time records, with sales topping almost $3 billion, for December alone.

The recently release Super Mario Run app, was a hit during its launch, taking the #1 spot as the most downloaded app in the store, with almost 40 million downloads from its initial release. In just 4 days from the app’s launch, it has then become the most downloaded app on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day worldwide.

Super Mario Run is currently exclusive on the Apple App Store available for a free download but has an additional $10 in-app purchases. It is set to be released in Google’s Play Store in the next months.

Meanwhile, the most downloaded app of the year was Pokemon Go, developed by Niantic, launched in mid-2016. Other apps such as Prisma, Reigns, Procreate, Lumino City, Sweat with Kayla, and dj Pro, were some of the successful apps that the Apple app store offer, which were from independent developers.

Presently, the Apple Apps store has 2.2 million apps available either for free or paid downloads and can be accessed through the iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, and Apple TV.

According to reports, Apple takes the 30% of the revenue generated from the free apps that they display on the App Store, while the remaining 70% will go the developers of the game.

The boost Apple got from its App Store has greatly helped the company with its sluggish sales of the iPhone models.

Prior to Apple’s App Store sales update, the tech company has previously released an impressive revenues report from their online services. On Apple’s fiscal fourth quarter of 2016, which ended in September, the company’s Services business has increased by 24% year over year to $6.3 billion in quarterly revenue.

Apple has expressed extreme optimism towards the oncoming continuous growth of the App Store and more for 2017.

“I will let the success of the App Store speak for itself. The App Store is bigger than ever and growing faster than ever. There is a lot of success ahead for developers,” added Schiller.

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