Facebook Aims Messenger to be a Hot Income Generating Means

During the annual global developers’ conference (F8) on Tuesday, Facebook’s Vice President of Messaging Products David Marcus sets out a plan for the company’s messaging platform, Messenger. At his keynote address, Marcus unveiled a lot of plans for the future of Facebook Inc., as if declaring that the social-networking giant needs its messaging platform to make money. 

Messenger as the New Yellow Pages

During the F8 held in San Jose, California, Facebook is on the verge of developing its own version of an app store (to be called as Discovery) inside Messenger, which is designed to help consumers find a bot (similar when looking for apps in Apple’s App Store or Google Play) and let them chat with a business of their choice. The businesses then will be sending automated “smart” responses through the use of artificial intelligence and Facebook will be collecting a fee from the businesses utilizing the program. It gives businesses the ability to respond to frequently asked questions and engage customers. Looking at the numbers, there are about 65 million active businesses on Facebook. Thus, there would be a great deal of businesses that would benefit from such development. 

Further, the company aims at helping consumers find businesses through Messenger, hence, making its instant-messaging app a go-to source when looking for businesses. It aims to turn Messenger as the New Yellow Pages of the Internet in today’s society. Once it happens, it might bring the same amount of revenue that the Yellow Pages delivered for decades. 

In fact, Facebook has now actually become a sort of white pages less the phone numbers. Marcus is positive that the social networking titan has the potential of becoming the Yellow Pages of messaging, as well.

Easily Connect Users 

Last April, Facebook opened its Messenger platform to businesses and various organizations to better connect with users. Since then, there have been greater than 100,000 bots on the Messenger app, aiding users with almost anything from trip reservations, to checking the weather, and even ordering flowers. 

Such weighty move from the social networking titan can help surpass competitors like Google and Twitter. Marcus even mentioned that from last year’s F8, where Facebook first announced its plans with incorporating bots in Messenger, they have learned much and has figured out a way in making it work. He further stated that last year was all about laying the foundation, doing research and increasing learning, whereas this year is the year to get things rolling. 

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