Uber Loses the Momentum on Unfavorable Issues

Recent news reports continue to reveal that the not so great start of Uber this year still continues up to this time. The ride-hailing company has been encountering numerous public issues and workplace crises since the previous months. 

A report from the New York Times exposed that Uber’s violation of Apple’s rule almost drilled its business into deep ground. It was not the first time that Uber Technologies Inc. trespassed and overstepped existing rules and regulations.

Back in 2015, the New York Times report said that Tim Cook (CEO of Apple Inc.) personally scolded Kalanick while in a meeting at Apple’s headquarters. It was for the reason that Travis Kalanick (Uber’s CEO) ordered his employees to mask its app from Apple’s engineers so Uber can discreetly check on iPhones even after deletion of its app. 

Cook stated, “So, I’ve heard that you’ve been breaking some of our rules.” He further mentioned that Kalanick needs to stop its acts or Uber would be restricted from the App Store – and when it happens, it would definitely be catastrophic for the ride-hailing company. Uber would lose potential to millions of iPhone users which can further lead to the company’s possible end. Kalanick trembled and agreed to stop his tracing and tracking activities. 

Moreover, Kalanick’s leadership is at an unstable point. Board members are pressuring him to change his management style. 

Other news reports provide evidence of Kalanick’s bad management and behavior. In his pursuit of making Uber dominant over his competition, he tends to resort in openly disregarding rules and regulations and conceding only when cornered or caught. 

The company is losing its customers – hundreds of thousands of Uber customers are cancelling their accounts due to a series of issues happening in and out of the company. Earlier in January, netizens were in a rage after the company continued to operate while taxis were on strike at JFK International Airport in New York as a protest to President Donald Trump’s immigration ban. The public view Uber’s continue in operation as a means to not lose profits. That weekend, Uber experienced a ten-percent drop in rides. 

Another issue plagued the company last February. Uber got entangled in a sexual harassment controversy involving its former engineer, Susan Fowler. It was stated that her reports of sexual provocation went entirely ignored and Uber’s human resources department even blamed her for the incident. 

There has been also a lawsuit filed against Uber my Waymo (Google’s subsidiary developing self-driving cars). The suit accuses stealing of the technology by Anthony Levandowski (former Google executive) who has been affiliated with Uber. 

Executives at Uber are now fleeing from the company. Meanwhile, Kalanick is on the search for a chief operating officer who can add to the growth of the company. 

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