Here’s What’s Going On with McDonald’s

As McDonald hits its 41-year streak of annual raises, the fast-food titan has the rights to brag the Company’s strong financial metrics. Market analysts even testify that McDonalds is one of the safest bets if you want consistent payout increase. MCD shares are higher by 6% year-to-date. 

Now that the fast-food industry is tremendously competitive, fast-food businesses need to be in a defensible market position. Among the top stocks that have achieved such achievement are McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Jack in the Box, Yum! Brands and Dunkin’ Brands. These companies are considered robust business models that generate strong gains for investors.

In the United States, MCD is set to switch from frozen to fresh beef in its Quarter Pounder burgers to reverse its struggle in thatspecific market. The fast-food chain is experiencing a more rigid competition from its regular rivals like the Wendy’s Co. which has been promoting its use of fresh beef patties for several months through its advertisements. McDonald’s is down by -0.25% against WEN. It is also eyeing to reclaim its customers who are now flocking to other restaurants which are serving bigger burgers made from fresh beef and gourmet topping. MCD is out to serve a more improved quality in food, but with an affordable price. 

Meanwhile, on its approach to embrace an identity of being an affordable fast food chain, CEO Steve Easterbrook made a decision wherein three from McDonald’s management group will be replaced in a little while. Deborah Wahl, MCD’s U.S. Marketing Head for three years now, will soon be replaced by Morgan Flatley, who was the former Chief Marketing Officer of Global Nutrition at PepsiCo. MCD’s U.S. Menu Head, Lance Richards is also on its way out and is to be replaced by Linda VanGosen, former VP of Starbucks. The last one to leave is MCD’s U.S. Digital Head, Julia Vander Ploeg. She will be replaced by Farhan Siddiqi, Global Digital Experience VP of McDonald’s.

Now, the internet is losing its mind over an old McDonald’s sauce known before as the Szechuan McNugget sauce. For nearly 20 years, the consuming public has forgotten about it and a recent episode of the cartoon Rick and Morty as an April Fools’ Day surprise has triggered its potential comeback.

After the show, the Mulan McNugget sauce has now an odd cult fan base on the internet. Even a petition at is now asking McDonald’s to bring back the sauce once more. It has gathered almost 20,000 signatures as of Tuesday to get the food chain’s attention. The sauce became part of a McDonald’s tie-in promotion with Disney’s Mulan back that year. Even Rick and Morty’s official Twitter account sparked the quest for the Szechuan McNugget sauce and even wanting to force McDonald’s for a sauce comeback.

Further, a Mulan live-action movie is due for release; the comeback of an old sauce is still plausible. It is indeed a convenient opportunity for McDonald’s this coming November 2018. McDonald’s Corporation (NYSE: MCD) in the form of its Szechuan sauce can bring back a blast along with its other efforts on management modification, switch from use of frozen to fresh beef and many others. 

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