Microsoft Releases Accidentally Windows 10 build

Microsoft mistakenly released to the public some confidential and  internal builds of Windows 10 for phones and PC, Yesterday, that could cause trouble to gadgets.

“Builds from some of our internal branches were accidentally released for PC and mobile,” confirmed by Dona Sarkar, Microsoft’s head of its Windows Insiders program.

“This happened because an inadvertent deployment to the engineering system that controls which builds/which rings to push out to insiders.” The team was “quick to revert the deployment” of the builds, and it puts blocks in place to stop these builds from going out to more people”, she added. Worryingly, the accidental mobile builds even reached retail devices outside of Microsoft’s Windows Insiders testing. If Windows 10 testers installed the mobile build it forced phones into a reboot loop and bricked the device. Testers will have to recover and wipe the device using the Windows Device Recovery Tool.

Dona tweeted that no one should install the build. Now, the company has published a blog post with more details about what happened, and what you should do if you installed the build.

Windows 10 testers who installed the PC build will have to wait for Microsoft to put out a new build or roll back using the recovery option in Windows 10 settings.
If you installed Windows 10 for PCs build 16212 on your device, which is from the rs_edge_case branch, you're in relatively good shape. It's going to be more unstable than a standard Fast ring build, but you're welcome to continue using it until a new one is flighted. You also have the option of rolling back to your previous build via Settings -> Update & security -> Recovery, although you can't do that after 10 days, or if you've used Disk Cleanup to delete your previous installation.

For Mobile, things get a bit more intricate, because this build won't install at all. Being from the rs_iot branch, attempting to install, it will cause the device to shut down upon booting it up, and if it's on a charger, it will be in a boot loop. For those that are in this situation, or even if the build is downloaded but not installed, you'll need to use the Windows Device Recovery Tool to flash Windows 10 Mobile.

“We apologize for this inconvenience and thank you for being a Windows Insider,” says Sarkar.

Microsoft says it won’t be issuing  any new builds this week, presumably as it’s working to ensure this surprising mistake doesn’t happen again.

By 7:18 AM GMT-4, Microsoft Corporation added gains of about 0.37%, to $70.10. It opened in $70.24, with a session high of $70.61 and a session low of $69.45. Its market capitalization was 536.83 billion, its P/E ratio was 30.91, and a dividend yield of 2.23%.

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