Amazon patents robotic drones with legs and wings

E-commerce giant Inc. was recently awarded two patents for its concept of adding wings and legs to robotic drones, which are said to aid in the landing process of the device in less even surfaces.

The advanced drone will have improved sensor in determining distance from its landing point as well as “adjustable landing-gear extension”, which can be extended or contracted with control. Another new feature it will have is the ability to sense approaching contact with ground and be able to adjust its landing at horizontal level and not tilted, through the use of sensors on its landing arm.

Amazon explained the patent of having the capability to detect sloped areas and adjust to its surface to be able to land approximately horizontal when it lands, while supported by landing gear extensions. The UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) can be manufactured with lightweight materials like graphite, aluminum, or carbon fiber.

“Specifically, the UAV may be re-oriented while it is landed by rotating the support coupling so that the body of the UAV rotates while the landing gear assembly remains stationary,” said Amazon’s patent.

With the first patent, Amazon would be able to deliver more delicate packages on tough terrains.
For the second patent, Amazon proposed for adjustable robotic propellers, which are designed to resist strong winds and other types of environmental conditions. The patent shows adjustable winglets on the propeller that will aid the drone counter the drag created by pressure in the air during its flight.

“The propellers may be configured at predetermined times during operation of an aerial vehicle, or upon sensing one or more operational characteristics or environmental conditions, as may be desired or required,” said Amazon.

The two patents were finally granted to Amazon last Tuesday since its initial filing last 2015. Although Amazon was able to patent these two concepts, there is still no guarantee to see these technologies very soon.

Still, the e-commerce giant comes with this news amid the fight from various delivering companies and online stores to improving delivery methods. Amazon’s recent drone patent, magnifies the company’s intent in pursuing drone delivery for the future.

Following the news of Amazon’s drone patent approval, its stock (BATS: AMZN) did not see much movement upon opening of the market but was up by $1.03 or 0.12% to $853.79 per share during the session.

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