UK PM May to trigger Brexit on March 29

In a recent announcement, UK’s Prime Minister Theresa May was said to officially file for Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, and submit a letter and formally notify the European Union of UK’s divorce from the Union on March 29.

Upon May’s submission of an official letter and triggering of Article 50, Brexit talks and other negotiations between Britain and the European Union will commence. With the UK’s notification over its referendum from the EU, the country will now began preparing for long legislative and political programs, where May intends to enter a hard Brexit.

Meanwhile, EU’s Council president Donald Tusk has already been informed of the formal letter to be submitted next Wednesday. Although, Downing Street declined to disclose whether the letter May will submit would contain negotiation details regarding Britain’s divorce from EU and new trade relations setup.

The Downing Street spokesman said, “Earlier on this morning the UK’s permanent representative in the EU informed the office of Donald Tusk, that it’s the UK’s intentions to trigger Article 50 in March 29. After we trigger the 27 will deliver their negotiating mandate. President Tusk has said he expected there to be an initial response within 48 hours. We want negotiations to start promptly but it’s obviously right that the 27 have an opportunity to agree their position.”

With the triggering the Article 50, Brexit talks will formally begin, and is likely to last around 2 years until all divorce procedures are finalized.

Another process that comes along triggering of Brexit is Britain’s new projects to start new negotiations and partnership with countries. Along with that, the UK government is expected to enact up to 15 new bills and secondary legislation.

The negotiating process could take up to two months or more, depending upon the immediate agreement of both the UK and EU, in terms of relations post-referendum.

However, if the Brexit talk does not reach a conclusive deal by the end of the discussion period, UK will be forced to leave the EU without any deal and will have to lapse to the World Trade Organization rules. Although May previously expressed, during the announcement for the government’s plan to go for a hard Brexit, that “no deal is better than a bad deal.”

But if May meets her goal of going on a hard Brexit and finalizes with a good deal, the completion of the Brexit negotiations will mean that United Kingdom will officially be independent from the European Union on March 29, 2019.

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