General Motors Closes Transaction with Argentine Port Operator

Recently, one of the units of General Motors Co was able to close a transaction with a port operator located in Argentina. Terminal Puerto Rosario is to import cars going to the country. The units will be exported from the General Motors nearest plant.

The first automobiles, that are intended for Argentina and Brazil, which were originally from South Korea had already arrived at General Motors Mercosur. The first ever units that had landed yesterday are the Chevrolet Captiva SUVs.

Aside from the initial purpose of the agreement which is aimed at importing of units, General Motors Co is planning for a long-standing target to use the port for export of cars purposes, since it has a production plant located close to the Rosario port complex.

GMC has thought of executing such action since its automobile production was cut down by almost 30 percent last February as noted by the Automobile Manufacturers Association. This was due to a reduce demand from a top export site in Brazil. The making of the agreement is forecasted to restore the regular importations of automobiles. 

Aside from that, it will be a strategic gain to GMC due to geography and logistics advantages. Furthermore, it can also aid in the economic development of both the port due to increased activity as well as the development of the region. Rosario’s port is strategic as it is located at the heart of the bi-oceanic corridor and of the Hidrovía Parana Paraguay.

Fabián Silva, Logistics Manager of General Motors Mercosur, even mentioned that they are satisfied with the outcomes of the agreement with TPR since multiple benefits can be secured by both parties. He even called the agreement as a real strategic alliance to increase competitiveness.

Whilst, the CEO of Terminal Puerto Rosario, Diego Fernández Querejazu, also stated that the agreement has been a recent source of pride for the whole TPR and a very important milestone for Rosario’s port. To receive such confidence from General Motors Co is already a huge achievement on their part. He will make sure that the development of efficient ties and sustainable relationship between the two companies will be respected.  

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