Beauty and the Beast Box Office Record Hit aids Disney Stock to rally

The weekend opening of the highly anticipated Disney classic movie remake The Beauty and the Beast was well-received by mass markets worldwide, breaking 5 Box Office records upon its first show date. The movie remake was able to rake so far a total of $350 million during the opening weekend as families and groups of friends were excited and anticipating the beloved Disney classic.

With the record-smashing and a certified box office hit, Disney’s stock was able to taste a bit of the effect of the movie’s marvelous influence. Disney stock traded higher on Monday, reaching a high of $113.16 in the market before closing in at $112.71, up by 0.09% or $1.01 per share.

Investors can expect for stronger quarterly and yearly earnings call from Disney, as Beauty and the Beast hits off the first quarter of the year with a strong start. Upcoming Disney movies are also expected to perform fairly well in the box office, given that a movie tagged with the label Disney gets immediate warm reception one way or another.

The Beauty and the Beast was also the able to surpass Disney’s previous live-action remakes The Jungle Book, Alice in Wonderland, and Cinderella.

In North America region alone, the film generated $170 million in the process, and earned £18.4 million in the UK, the fifth biggest opening weekend ever in the country. As the film had a beastly box office performance, it was able to defeat its closest competitor in the time of release, which was Kong: Skull Island; the Kingkong new movie was able to generate only a total of $28.9 million during its second week in cinemas.

The records the Beauty and the Beast was able to smash were:
  •          Biggest March Opening, beating last year’s record holder Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, which had a record opening of $166 million.
  •          Biggest PG Opening, best Finding Dory’s $135 million opening weekend.
  •          Biggest Women-Driven Opening, 70% of the tickets bought for the movie were from the women demographics during the first day, while an overall 60% of the tickets were bought by women.
  •         Biggest Animated Classic-Live Adaption Opening, as previously mentioned, it was able to beat Disney’s other live action remakes, also beating Alice in Wonderland with its record of $116 million.
  •     Biggest Opening for Emma Watson, the Beauty and the Beast’s opening I was able to best Emma Watson’s Harry Potter co-stars Daniel Radcliffe’s and Rupert Grint’s box office hauls.

Disney’s continuous winning streak of great movie production that mostly generate tons of profit can only mean a more profitable quarterly and yearly earnings for the house of mouse company.

Still, even though Disney’s movie revenues play only a part in the company’s profits, which means that even though its movie releases perform well, its other networks and subsidiaries need to exhibit strong performance as well to actually show promising growth.

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